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Petition to WBAI Management to Return Eco-Logic to WBAI’s Airwaves(Only your name, affiliations and zip code will be provided to WBAI Management, some comments may also be shared. The rest of the contact information will be used by WBAI Fightback to keep you informed.)

We, the undersigned, urge the immediate reinstatement of Eco-Logic, a much respected 18-year old program at WBAI, and that no punitive action be taken against the show or its hosts.

Given the multi-factorial nature of the spread of Covid-19 and the many factors operating simultaneously in March at WBAI, we reject as inappropriate any “blame game” of WBAI staff and its volunteers. All producers and listeners need to be concerned about this.

Eco-Logic was suspended indefinitely and employment of the founding co-host, who had worked as a per diem engineer at the station for 11 years, was terminated and he was told he would never work for pay at WBAI again. These actions were based on management’s belief that one of the co-hosts knew she was infected with Covid-19 when she came to the station to do the show on March 10. The co-host did not have any knowledge she was infected at that point and she did not test positive until March 18. She did not come to the station after the 10th and therefore posed no danger. Moreover, no guideline was issued by the station until a statement from management on March 12, regarding reporting health situations to management. The second reason given for canceling the program was that the founding co-host did not immediately tell management of his co-host’s illness. At the time, there were no clear guidelines issued on this kind of health reporting and who should take responsibility for doing this.

Covid-19 is spread by many factors and most infected people show no symptoms in the first several days after exposure, if at all. Therefore, it would not have been possible to keep the virus out of the station simply by focusing on only those who were “not feeling well.” Furthermore, at a time when many institutions were already shutting down (after March 12), so as to ensure that the virus could not spread on their premises, WBAI did not go to remote broadcasting until March 22. In addition, complete clear guidelines and a chain of responsibility for disinfecting all station surfaces were not delineated during the weeks the station was operating with full staff capacity, before staff was asked not to come in and broadcasting went remote. Also, no mechanism for training all staff and documenting the training was outlined.

Under pressure, management recently emailed Eco-Logic that they may be reinstated, but not for “at least three months” adding “I will see about reinstating the show after the suspension, but this would be after I received assurances that as hosts you will work cooperatively with management in the future”. In our opinion, this remains a misplaced and punitive response. Eco-Logic should simply be reinstated immediately.

We urge that in the future, WBAI management go forward with decisions that affect the health of the entire station in a way that is transparent, inclusive of input from staff and in consultation with experts who have up-to-the moment knowledge of the many ways in which Covid-19, or any other infectious disease, can be spread.

Signatures so far

The petition is STILL open, so please sign by clicking on the link above if you haven’t yet done so! But here are the people who have signed so far:

  Name Affiliation Organization
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Zip code Comments
1 Alice Slater Community Activist World Beyond WAr 10028
2 Alice Sturm Sutter WBAI Buddy NYC Metro Raging Grannies 10034 I consider Eco-Logic to be an urgently needed program, especially now as our climate crisis rapidly worsens. I’ve listened to Eco-Logic for over a decade. It is a source of vital information and has helped me many times in my activism. I cannot understand why it would suddenly be removed from the air. I’m feeling quite upset with the way decisions are made at WBAI, and even considering not continuing my membership.
3 Andy K

4 Andy Padian WBAI Listener Member PadianNYC Consulting 10036
5 Anita Dutt WBAI Listener Member

6 Ann-Marie Hendrickson WBAI Producer A Mansion for the Rat, The Dustbin of History

7 Anne Lazarus WBAI Listener Member Ms. 10009 The termination of Ecologic show was arbitrary and unjust. There was no knowing before manifestation of symptoms if one is infected or exposed. We have probably all been exposed. I urge that the show Ecologic be returned to WBAI.
8 Annie Wilson Community Activist
10007 Please reinstate Ecologic !
9 Arnold Gore WBAI Listener Member Consumers Health Freedom Coalition 11238 his Eco-lpgic was one of the best programs
10 Barbara G. Harris Community Activist Granny Peace Brigade 10019 Eco-Logic should simply be reinstated immediately. Environmental issues are pertinent and solutions for our childrens’ future must be expressed, studied and implemented.
11 Barbara Harris Community Activist Granny Peace Brigade 10019 Eco-Logic, a current, important WBAI program. Our environment is in danger and the public seeks answers & alternatives. Eco-Logic studies these issues and provides needed information. No punitive action should be taken against the show or its hosts.
12 Barbara Hickernell WBAI Listener
13 Barbara Krasnoff WBAI Listener

14 Barbara Walker

10301 Please reinstate. Eco-Logic. — this level of engagement is needed
15 Beth K. Lamont WBAI Listener HUmanist Chaplain 10562 We love Eco-logic and do hope that it will be restored asap. Sorry for the scary times. We truly need all the truthful voices. We love all of you Folks at WBAI also! Thanks from Beth
16 Bob Lederer WBAI Producer
10026 xxx
17 C Guttman

18 Carol Jagiello WBAI Listener donor/listener 7403 Ken Gale and Eco Logic are essential programming. Ken is on the front lines locally in an environmental leadership position and needs to be heard. His knowledge and versatality on the issues are vital for challenges confronting us all right now. Eco Logic is important to listeners around the world as well as in the NY area. We all need current insight, education and awareness on how to affect policy and change. Pacifica programing is lacking. I have been waiting for, expecting, the return of Eco Logic. Wbai is now a station I am likely to skip over rather than staying tuned in as I used to. It is long over due that Pacifica gets back to fine versatile programming that was before the shutdown. Do not waste money on legal fees – spend it on programs.
19 Catherine Wright
None 10028 I learn something new with every show. And encouraged to be responsible to the planet!
20 Cathy Sims WBAI Listener Member
7753 I think this show is important for people to hear on a regular basis
21 Charles Boatner WBAI Listener
22 Charlie Olson WBAI Producer The Environment TV 10305
23 Cheri E Tripp WBAI Listener
11206 Not a regular listener but do it sometimes
24 Chris Kitlan Burns WBAI Listener Ckearwater Org 11226
25 Christopher Brown WBAI Listener Solutran 34748 This is a good, informative show.
26 Cliff Gale WBAI Buddy Personal Care 20833 Seems a show that should continue in this crisis time
27 Dana Gae Hanchard
Manahatta Peace Project
Leave eco-logic and hosts alone. These blatant power moves are disheartening and shameful.
28 Daniel V Marsala WBAI Listener 1957 11377 Do it!
29 Dave Doll WBAI Listener Sabe Energy BX Energy 11209 We need Ken’s show
30 David Donovan WBAI Listener Bethany Congregational Church 11518 This show provides a lot of important information. It should be back on the air.
31 David Michaels WBAI Listener
10310 Please bring back EcoLogic. Thank you!
32 Denny Daniel WBAI Listener The Museum of Interesting Things 10003 Hi Hi! Please bring back Eco-Logic, I really enjoyed this show! Thanks so much! Denny
33 Donna Stein WBAI Producer Eco-Logic, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, NYC Friends of Clearwater 10019 I sign with gratitude for all the support from my fellow producers and listener activists. I need to add that this petition is in support of the rights of all producers at WBAI.
34 DOUG G WBAI Listener Self 600100 Sure loved the program, please reopen
35 E. J. Barnes Community Activist Drowned Town Press 2139 I listened to the podcast version of the COVID-19 episode of Eco-Logic, and found it informative on a number of important points. This information needs to be disseminated as widely as possible.
36 Ed

7628 Eco-Logic is an invaluable resource and needs to restored to the WBAI airwaves.
38 Ed Power WBAI Buddy
11697 Get these guys on the air asap. Check out how much I have contributed to wbai!!
39 Edith Kantrowitz Community Activist NYC Friends of Clearwater 11218
40 Eileen Mahood-Jose WBAI Listener
7105 This is an essential program. Please put it back on the air.
41 Eleanor O Preiss

11217 This is a very important program and should not have been terminated, especially during such a difficult time.
42 Elizabeth Shanklin WBAI Listener Member WBAI for over 40 years 10463 WBAI should relate to Ken Gale, a long-time supporter of the station and environmentalist, –and everyone else– with respect NOT CONTEMPT. If you want him to make changes to his program, be honest.
43 Ellen Osuna WBAI Listener
11004 Eco-Logic is informative, wonderful, and created by good people who would not knowingly expose anyone to illness. Please reinstate Eco-Logic now.
44 Emily Van Vlack WBAI Listener Member
45 Eric Serxner WBAI Listener
46 Eugene Hamond

47 Eugene Hyon WBAI Listener
48 Evan Giller WBAI Buddy Shut Down Indian Point Now 10075
49 Faith Schwartz Community Activist

50 Fitzcarl Antony Johnson Reid WBAI Listener Member Mr. 33162 Ken’s show is one of the reasons I listen to WBAI. ‘Nuff said.
51 Gela Kline WBAI Listener
10024 I, when listening to your station ,expect a certain level of respect insight and maturity. When I am not seeing that in a place that is supposed to be better than the rest, I tend to get tired of all the bickering, loose interest and worst of all begin to loose trust in what you are saying. I respectfully ask that you reconsider your plan and bring back EcoLogic. Programming that is relevant to the planet and all who live on it
52 Gerald Hassett WBAI Listener Mr. 11104
53 Henry Sutter

55 Irwin Sperber Community Activist URPE

56 James Reynolds WBAI Listener None 68551900
57 Jan WBAI Listener Keep In Touc 19711 Please this is a very important source of information for issues ultimately important to our selves, community, nation, continent, and planet. We cannot afford for such sources of information to deteriorate. Thank you. Please feel free to contact me for any more information.
58 Jan R. Weinberg WBAI Listener Show Up! America 8543 The truth hurts but it’s worth it – so how can we get the truth when the revelatatory voices are silenced.
59 Janet Harmon WBAI Buddy Ms. 10032 Looks like wbai overreacted. No one was harmes. Ken Gale does excellent environmental journalism and is an important part of wbai. Reinstate already!
60 Jean Fallon Community Activist Ms. 10562
61 Jeanne D. Shaw WBAI Buddy Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC), Member Leadership Council; Westchester Peoples Action Coalition, (WESPAC), Board Member 10520 I have been a listener and contributor to WBAI in general (many programs) and EcoLogic in particular, for many years. For me and my fellow activists EcoLogic has been especially important in getting information that we can count on, and in reporting on news of our activities. I was searching all over WBAI for EcoLogic before I found out they were off the air. PLEASE reinstate EcoLogic immediately! This is no time to lose that important forum! Thank you in solidarity, Jeanne D. Shaw Member, Leadership Council – Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC) Board Member – Westchester Peoples Action Coalition (WESPAC)
62 Jenny Amanda Hurwitz

10010 I am just astonished that these two incredibly dedicated activists have been banned by WBAI on such a strange hysterical basis. Seriously – we have been having to figure out how to do things in real time during this pandemic. They did nothing wrong! I have known both of the hosts for many years as personal friends as well as fellow activists and neither of them would ever ever ever do anything to put anyone else at risk. They are constantly involved in progressive causes (unpaid of course). If there is blame it is with our federal government. We should be grateful to have these two incredible individuals as part of the WBAI family.
63 Jim Richardson WBAI Listener Member WBAI 10010 I fail to see the logic of removing eco-logic radio from the listeners source of environmental information currently Insuring our survival. It’s like removeing the NYFD or the NYPD from New York City, not a WBAI financially high point, come on gang lets get a grip. Jim Richardson
64 Jim Richardson WBAI Listener Member WBAI Listener 10010 I believe that Eco-Logic, is like having a early warning system, reminding us that the milk carton has a use by date removed, please return Eco-logic to its rightful place on our airwaves. Respectfully Jim Richardson
65 Joan De Lorenzo WBAI Listener WBAI FIGHTBACK 10018 Eco-Logic should be back on the air immediately -It should never have been taken off – -we need Donna and Ken to be giving all the good and necessary information they have always provided!! ECO-LOGIC FOREVER!!!
66 Joan Gaylord WBAI Listener
67 Joel Landy Community Activist
11415 Eco-Logic has always been an example of citizen activism in the name of environmental safety and public common sense. What does not make sense here is taking the show off the air when we need it most – during a compelling global humanitarian and public safety issue. Please return Eco-Logic to the WBAI schedule. The information provided by the program can save lives. Thank you for your time and consideration. Joel Landy
68 John Kane WBAI Producer "Let’s Talk" 14129
69 John Riley Community Activist ACT UP/NY 10026 Ecologic is a great show.
70 John T Maher Community Activist Law Office of John T. Maher 10035 Seems to run afoul of the Pacifica line of decisions
71 Jon Mermelstein WBAI Listener NYC Department of Education 10583
72 Jonathan Rubin Community Activist NYC Friends of Clearwater, Inc. 10024 What we have is predatory action in the blame game not aware that one poppy seed could hold a BILLION Covid-19 viruses. The fact is the alleged host infecting WBAI staff did not know they had the virus on the date of their alleged indiscreet and their alleged anti-social action making it completely arbitrary and illogical action to take a very high demand and high appreciated show off the air.
73 Jonathan Weil WBAI Listener Member WBAI Fightback 10025
74 Judith Ackerman WBAI Buddy Raging grannies 10024 Ecological is very important to me.
75 Judith K. Canepa Community Activist New York Climate Action Group 10009 The suspension was punitive and unnecessary; keeping this program off the air would deprive our city of a necessary voice.
76 Karen WBAI Buddy
10014 We need Eco-logic on the air now more than ever.
77 Karen Hoover WBAI Listener
5301 Eco-Logic has been a mainstay of WBAI programming for years. It is becoming only more relevant as our climate steadily deteriorates and it is shocking to me that WBAI would pull this program. Please bring this information-packed program back! Thank you.
78 Karen Sullivan WBAI Buddy
79 Ken Gale WBAI Producer NYC Safe Energy Campaign
Eco-Logic’s information is too important to not have it available to WBAI listeners.
80 Kevin McConnell WBAI Listener
81 Kim Curran
Bronx Comm College

82 Kirsten Andersen WBAI Buddy
83 WBAI Listener N/A 90041 Eco-Logic is one of the most important environmental shows on the radio anywhere; and while much of its focus is of course on local New York issues, there is plenty of good information that can be used and taken action on no matter where you are geographically! Bring back Ken Gale and Eco-Logic!
84 Louise Fraza WBAI Listener
10128 Eco-logic has been a valuable source of information for me as a nature lover and bird-watcher. It should be restored as soon as possible since canceling it seems to be based on a misunderstanding.
85 Lydia Adams Davis WBAI Listener Peoples’VoiceCafe 12508 WBAI brings alternative news and environmental news we need to hear not found on regular fm stations
86 Lynn Koehler Community Activist Persist Brooklyn 11220
87 Malika Duggan WBAI Listener
88 Marcia Annenberg Community Activist 350NYC 10040 In a time of climate emergency, it is ill advised to remove programs that inform the public about ecological issues.
89 Marcy Gordon
Law Offices of Marcy J. Gordon 11233
90 Marilyn Elie WBAI Listener Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition 10567 By taking Ecologic off the air WBAI has lost a deep and knowledgable voice for the environment. None of the other programs have the scope and quality of Ecologic. Bring Ken and Donna back now!!!
91 Marilyn Elie WBAI Listener Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition 10567 Bring back Ecologic! People and the environment need this show!
92 Marilyn Vogt-Downey WBAI Local Station Board Member
-1 I totally support Ken and Donna and the restoration of Eco-Logic!! And to Ken to his engineering post!! They should never been penalized for something they did not do and would not ever have considered doing!!!!!
93 Mark Gasper WBAI Listener Communications 7030 At a time when our nation, our city and our region faces a pandemic, how can we not have this show on the air!
94 Martha R. Gotwals Community Activist Raging Grannies & Judson Memorial Church 10011 I find it hard to believe that you cancelled a show because someone contracted Corona-19. Many of us love this show, and want it to stay on.
95 Mary Lutz WBAI Listener
96 Mary Power WBAI Listener Member Mrs 11795
97 Maureen Healy

11209 We have long trusted Ken Gale to unpack the science in the issues of the day. Now–during the crisis of COVID-19 and all that will follow–the people’s need to understand complex scientific issues has never been greater. Why would WBAI silence Ken’s voice now?
98 Max Schmid WBAI Producer WBAI 11103 Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.â€
99 Mercy Van Vlack Community Activist NYC Metro Raging Grannies 10028 In January, the Raging Grannies performed to support WBAI and raised a lot of money to keep the station alive. Eco-Logic organized the benefit, and the Raging Grannies support Eco-Logic’s return to the airwaves!!!
100 Michel Lee WBAI Listener Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy (CIECP) 10583 EcoLogic is one of the best shows on radio, as well as one of the most important for society writ large.
101 Michelle Wladich WBAI Listener
11415 Eco-Logic gives solid scientific knowledge in a pandemic crisis. It is irresponsible to remove such information from the air. Please bring it back.
102 Michiko Takatani WBAI Listener
103 Mitchell Cohn WBAI Buddy
104 Nancy Adelman WBAI Listener raging grannies 10003
105 Nancy Vann WBAI Listener Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG) 10566 We need these guys back on the air – particularly NOW!
106 Naomi Brussel WBAI Producer Out-FM 11215
107 Nikki WBAI Listener

108 Nora Freeman WBAI Listener Ms. 10573 Please restore Eco-Logic immediately. It is one of the best shows on the station and BAI needs to be transparent and consistent about how it deals with a health hazard such as COVID-19
109 Nydia Leaf WBAI Buddy Granny Peace Brigade NYC 10025 I have left several messages inquiring as to the absence and return date for ECOLOGIC. In these perilous times we need the important link that the program provides for listeners – with facts and trends, as well as upcoming pertinent events. I have had no reply to any of my calls. My family of community activists join me in urging the swift return of ECOLOGIC to WBAI and restoring an important balance to the information we listeners need. Thank you. Nydia Leaf
110 Orin Buck WBAI Listener none 12550 I listened when living in NYC, now can listen online. Missing this show.
111 Patrick J Langhenry WBAI Listener Member
11104 Eco Logic was the only program in NYC that kept us regularly informed of how to improve the environment not just fear the pollution and dangers. The guests were always compelling and worthy of the respect given them. I am downright shocked at the reason for the termination of employment. It almost seems like you are using it for cover. As a station, you do some many things right. But this choice is wrongheaded and a punch in the gut. Please kindly restore Eco-Logic.
112 Paul Teshima Community Activist Mr. and Mrs. 7082 This is a great show that needs to be heard. If people vote climate, the ignorant leader who caused the rest of the world to think of OUR country as a shith*le country, won’t get back in. We need to hear this voice.
113 Pete Dolack WBAI Buddy Trade Justice New York Metro

114 Pieranna Pieroni WBAI Listener
11226 Please return eco-logic!
115 R Rosenthal WBAI Listener
116 Rebecca Myles WBAI Producer Host, Rape Forum – a show also taken off WBAI 10009 I have found Ken Gale’s scholarly knowledge of environmental matters, his concern about the environment, and his extensive network of experts an invaluable resource. His show, Eco-Logic, ought to receive the fullest support as one of the radio station’s gems instead of being maligned by WBAI Pacifica Radio management. The dropping of the show during a time of the COVID pandemic, the Trump Administration’s repeated dismantling of environmental regulations, the general dearth of environmental reporting, seems particularly suicidal on the part of WBAI management when the station’s goal is to rebuild its audience during the digital disruption, and to provide information for lasting understanding.
117 Richenda Kramer WBAI Listener Member Salutation* Ms 10301 I miss this – a great show.
118 Robert Gold WBAI Buddy Mr. 28273
119 Robert Worley WBAI Listener Member
11372 Eco-Logic is important and summary firing is a strange over-reaction.
120 Robin Shaw

121 Roy Felshin WBAI Listener Member Male 10017 The Eco-Logic co-hosts are exemplary community activists and have done outstanding work on behalf of WBAI.
122 Russell Dale WBAI Listener Lehman College, CUNY 10025
123 Ruth Indeck WBAI Listener Member Peoples’ Voice Cafe, Union for Radical Political Economics 7307 Very important and well-researched show!
124 Sally Brown

11219 I have a better job and would like to become a member again if Ecologic returns.
125 Sally Jane Gellert WBAI Listener Member
126 Sandra Kissam Community Activist none 12550 Considering Trump’s ongoing attacks against the environment, we absolutely need to be informed about environmental news.
127 Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez WBAI Listener
128 Sarah

129 Sarah Dowson WBAI Listener retired
Bring back Eco-Logic! Institute covid-19 health policies, and realize we are all learning as we go.
130 Sharon Abreu WBAI Listener Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education 98245 I wholeheartedly support Eco-Logic returning to WBAI!!!
131 Stahimili Mapp WBAI Listener Member
11234 Please Return Eco Logic to the air ASAP
132 Stephen Durham Community Activist Freedom Socialist Party 10031 In this instance, as in others, irresponsible and reprehensible people in charge are using the Covid-19 pandemic to engage in undemocratic, opportunist actions to undermine the type of community organizing that we all so desperately need. As longtime listener and supporter of WBAI, I know that Eco-Logic has important information about how best to deal this pandemic since the virus’s origin relates to the encroachment shrinking bioreserves and the increasing stress Mother Nature is facing. I call on you to immediately reinstate Eco-Logic to the WBAI–99.5FS programming listing!
133 Taffy Williams WBAI Buddy NY4Whales (501[c][3]) 10707
134 Talbot Katz WBAI Listener NYC Friends of Clearwater 10010 Please restore this important show, Eco-Logic!
135 Ted Schulman WBAI Listener 10040
136 Thomas Chadwick

137 Tina Bongar WBAI Listener
10566 Became a WBAI listener because of the show Eco-Logic
138 Tom Cullinan WBAI Listener
139 Tom O’Reilly WBAI Listener Member
10965 Bring back Eco-Logic!!!!!!!!
140 Tony Buontempo WBAI Listener
7304 Return Eco-Logic to WBAI’s Airwaves
141 Trudy Silver
War Resisters League 10009
142 Wendy Scher WBAI Listener
11233 Eco-Logic is one of the very most informative programs on the air anywhere – we need it back!
143 William Morgan WBAI Listener None

144 William Talen, Reverend Billy Community Activist The Church of Stop Shopping 10013 former producer with similar experience… stay the course Ken!