Urgent Message for WBAI Fightback Supporters

Urgent Message for WBAI Fightback Supporters

Another By-Laws Referendum To Demolish Democracy at Pacifica

Be Sure Your $25 WBAI Membership Is Up-To-Date By April 7, 2021

Listener members will be hearing about a very important vote coming up. The absolute deadline to become a voting memeber is April 7th, If you are not sure you donated in the last year please err on the side of caution and send in a $25 membership. We hope you will agree there is a need for you to update your membership so you can take action.

What this is about– We’ve recently been informed of another referendum that would dramatically change the Pacifica  Foundation by-laws, which govern the organization. It would eliminate community control of the stations and Pacifica network and replace it with a system that is much more centralized. The people promoting this referendum, “New Day Pacifica” were linked to the October 2019 shut down at WBAI and sponsored the previous referendum. Some of their prominent supporters have called at various times for the sale of WBAI. We urge you to update your membership by April 7th so you can vote NO in the referendum.

To vote NO, again, your membership must be up-to-date. If you are a listener member you need to have given $25 in the 12 months before April 7, 2021. Because Pacifica elections are mostly done through email ballots, you need to provide the membership department with your email address. If you do not have email, leave a message here and we will do our best to help. Please renew your membership at www.give2wbai.org or call 516-620-3602. You will, in coming weeks, be able to find out more information on wbaifightback.org, or by sending an email to wbai.fightback@gmail.com.

WBAI Fight Back is a volunteer organization of listeners and producers so we might not be able to return your messages as quickly as desired but we will do our best to accommodate. Again, the number to reach us is 917-781-0366. Please give your name, number and email address slowly and clearly.

Only members will be able to vote so PLEASE be sure to renew your 25 dollar membership and if you aren’t sure please be cautious and donate $25 before April 7, 2021.

The decision to vote no or yes is  yours to make but know that the future of listener-supported radio, WBAI, depends on you. It depends on your becoming a member and then voting NO.

Thank you so much for your support,