How to vote as a STAFF member:

First, find your ballot email by searching for the sender: or from “Pacifica Foundation,” or search by the subject line ”Pacifica By-laws Amendment Vote – Staff.” If you didn’t receive a STAFF ballot, ask again for the correct ballot – at least one person got a listener ballot and had to ask for the proper one. There are 2 ways to vote. You can do either.

Many find the simplest method is clicking the URL in your email (it will look like what is shown in the red box below):

This will take you to the information & ballot page. It’s a long page – you need to scroll down to get to the ballot part of the page

Keep scrolling – you’ll find the ballot farther down:

Confirm your vote

You’ll then get the Success page, but you aren’t finished yet. You still must view the receipt and print it out on paper or to a pdf file.

Next is the printing:

Now you are done! And you have PROOF in case this is a contested election.