Hi, you’ve reached the WBAI FightBack information line. We are independent of WBAI. There’s a very important vote coming up – another referendum that would dramatically change the Pacifica by-laws which govern the organization. It would eliminate community control of the stations and Pacifica network and replace it with aContinue Reading

Urgent Message for WBAI Fightback Supporters Another By-Laws Referendum To Demolish Democracy at Pacifica Be Sure Your $25 WBAI Membership Is Up-To-Date By April 7, 2021 Listener members will be hearing about a very important vote coming up. The absolute deadline to become a voting memeber is April 7th, IfContinue Reading

Here is a petition with over 200 signatures and many comments urging that Eco-Logic be restored to its full hour-length timeslot: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nYzVETKFsLan9argXeuaAJFPVQwIQvxjjnkoZPuLTNI/edit The petition reads: Petition to WBAI Management to Return Eco-Logic to WBAI’s Airwaves(Only your name, affiliations and zip code will be provided to WBAI Management, some comments mayContinue Reading

DON’T BE DUPED, HOODWINKED OR BAMBOOZLED:VOTE “NO!” A very polished, sophisticated notice titled PACIFICA IN CRISIS is circulating throughout our community. It’s very impressive and yet it’s very deceptive. It urges you to vote yes and it lays out chapter and verse all of the financial and managerial ills facingContinue Reading