From: WBAI Fightback <> Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 11:28 PM To: Lydia Brazon <>, Berthold Reimers <>, Arthur <>, Arthur Schwartz <>, Pacifica National Board <>, Linda Perry Barr <> We, the undersigned, protest the week-long suspension of Mimi Rosenberg’s program “Equal Rights and Justice” and the attempted suspension ofContinue Reading

by Pete DolackOriginally published in CounterPunch: Here we go again. Listener democracy at the Pacifica radio network is in deep jeopardy again because the same people who violently shut down WBAI in 2019 and forced an expensive referendum that was soundly defeated in 2020 have forced a second bylaws referendum.Continue Reading

by Ann Garrison Reprinted from CounterPunch: In early June, listener subscribers and staff of the Pacifica Radio Network, which includes five nonprofit metropolitan stations, KPFA-Berkeley, KPFK-Los Angeles, KPFT-Houston, WBAI-New York City, WPFW-Washington D.C., and over 200 smaller affiliate stations across the U.S., will receive ballots to vote on yetContinue Reading

Hi, you’ve reached the WBAI FightBack information line. We are independent of WBAI. There’s a very important vote coming up – another referendum that would dramatically change the Pacifica by-laws which govern the organization. It would eliminate community control of the stations and Pacifica network and replace it with aContinue Reading