The Vote “NO!” to Bylaws Changes campaign is endorsed by the following people and groups:

  • Danny Glover, actor (Click here for more from Danny Glover!)
  • Mumia Abu Jamal, writer, political prisoner
  • Medea Benjamin, peace and women’s rights activist
  • Cindy Sheehan, 2012 vice-presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party
  • Danny Haiphong, columnist, Black Agenda Report, author with Roberto Sirvent of American Exceptionalism and American Innocence
  • Gerald Horne, historian
  • Abby Martin, Journalist, creator of Empire Files
  • Sharonne Salaam, Justice 4 the Wrongfully Incarcerated and current WBAI LSB member
  • Milton Allimadi, Editor-in-Chief, Black Star News
  • Black Star News
  • Ayanna Gregory & Yohance Maqubela, daughter and son of Dick Gregory
  • Mimi Rosenberg, producer and co-host, Building Bridges
  • ACT UP/NY (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power/New York)
  • CodePINK, feminist peace movement organization
  • The Lynne Stewart Organization
  • The New Abolitionist Movement
  • Human Rights-Racial Justice Center
  • Dr. Suzanne Ross, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Sara Flounders, International Action Center and former WBAI LSB member
  • The International Action Center
  • NYC Friends of Clearwater
  • Wuyi Jacobs, Afrobeat Radio (for ID purposes only)
  • Fernando Velazquez, producer & host, Informativo Pacifica, former KPFK News Director, former KPFK LSB member
  • Lawrence Reyes, KPFK LSB member, PNB director, former iED of Pacifica, SEIU 721 Latino Caucus, Puerto Rican Alliance
  • Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone, producers of Taking Aim
  • Steve Zeltzer, producer and host, Work Week radio, former KPFA LSB member
  • Michael Novick, KPFK LSB member, former LSB chair and treasurer, Board member, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, Anti-Racist Action-L.A.
  • Matt Sedillo, internationally-renowned slam poetry champion and Chicano class struggle activist
  • Jackie Goldberg, LAUSD School Board member, former legislator and Free Speech Movement activist
  • Jim Lafferty, former ED, National Lawyers Guild LA chapter, KPFK programmer, former KPFK LSB member, former interim GM, KPFK
  • Alex Steinberg, pro tem Chair of Pacifica National Board and current WBAI Local Board member
  • King Downing, current WBAI LSB member
  • Hazel Pinder, current WBAI LSB member
  • William Heerwagen, current WBAI LSB member
  • Bob Lederer, former WBAI LSB member and Pacifica National Board member; co-host, Out-FM
  • John Riley, former WBAI LSB member; co-host, Out-FM
  • Vajra Kilgour, former chair and member of the WBAI LSB, associate producer & co-host, Housing Notebook
  • Scott Sommer, producer & host, Housing Notebook
  • Donna Stein, co-producer, Eco-Logic
  • Ken Gale, co-producer, Eco-Logic
  • Eugene Hamond, former WBAI LSB member
  • Pauline Park, former WBAI LSB member, transgender rights activist
  • Janet Coleman,  Producer/host Cat Radio Cafe, Arts Director Emeritus, former WBAI/LSB member, former WBAI PNB Director
  • David Dozer, Producer/writer/host Cat Radio Cafe, CCCP, Poisoned Arts
  • Reggie Johnson, producer/host From the Soundboard, WBAI Staff Production Engineer, former WBAI/LSB member
  • Shawn Rhodes, producer/host of The Midnight Ravers, WBAI Staff Production Engineer, WBAI LSB member, WBAI PNB Director
  • Dr. Majid Ali, producer/host of Science, Health and Healing
  • Malachy McCourt, producer/host of Radio Free Eireann
  • David Kenney, producer/host Everything Old is New Again
  • Marc Kehoe, former producer WBAI’s Christmas Coup Comedy Players (CCCP)
  • Otis Maclay, Pacifica Operations, former producer of WBAI/KPFT CCCP, KPFT’s The Barfly News, and WBAI’s Poisoned Arts
  • Curt Schroell (Scooter/Skutre) former producer of KPFT’s The Inner Side and  KPFT/WBAI’s CCCP
  • Mary Ann Miller, contributor to Arts Express, former producer of From the Women’s Desk
  • Rebecca Myles, producer/host WBAI’S The Rape Report, former WBAI News Reporter
  • John McDonah, producer/host WBAI’S Radio Free Eireann
  • Susan Lee, former producer/host of WBAI’s You and Your Money
  • Rosemarie Reed, former WBAI General Manager
  • Russell Dale, former WBAI LSB member

For More Endorsers of the Vote “NO!” Campaign

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Other words of support

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Raymond Nat Turner Supports the Struggle to Keep WBAI in the Hands of NYC’s Communities, October 16, 2019

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