Here is a petition with over 200 signatures and many comments urging that Eco-Logic be restored to its full hour-length timeslot: The petition reads: Petition to WBAI Management to Return Eco-Logic to WBAI’s Airwaves(Only your name, affiliations and zip code will be provided to WBAI Management, some comments mayContinue Reading

DON’T BE DUPED, HOODWINKED OR BAMBOOZLED:VOTE “NO!” A very polished, sophisticated notice titled PACIFICA IN CRISIS is circulating throughout our community. It’s very impressive and yet it’s very deceptive. It urges you to vote yes and it lays out chapter and verse all of the financial and managerial ills facingContinue Reading

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (718) 422-2753. Contact:- Mimi Rosenberg WBAI Back On The Air As NY Judge Melissa Crane Rebuffs Pacifica’s Attempted Takeover NEW YORK–A New York State Supreme Court judge has restored WBAI 99.5 FM Radio to local control. The station’s local programming and other assets had been seizedContinue Reading

[The following are notes about the court date, October 25, 2019.] Oral argument on motions before Judge Melissa Crane — NY State Supreme Court, New York County, October 25, 2019. Attorneys: WBAI: Arthur Schwartz {WBAI was the moving party/PNB answered} PNB: lawyers from Foster-Garvey Our question is: What is theContinue Reading