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Vote “No!” on Bylaw Replacement!!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did I get a ballot in the mail?
A group within Pacifica wants to replace our bylaws, but because their plan would eliminate many member rights and opportunities, the current bylaws allow all of us – the listeners and staff of Pacifica’s 5 stations – to approve or disapprove the change.

What are “bylaws?”
Bylaws are like the Constitution and a Rule Book rolled into one. Bylaws determine how Pacifica’s radio stations are run, by whom, and for whom.

Who wants to change the Bylaws?
Some of the group, including Directors on the Pacifica National Board (PNB), who supported the armed invasion of WBAI, the mass firing of staff, and taking away local programming in October 2019, want to change the Bylaws as another part of their attempt to take over the network.

Why it’s important to vote “NO”!

A “Yes” vote brings us closer to the sale of WBAI and other stations. That group behind the attempted WBAI shutdown wants to sell WBAI to pay off Pacifica’s debts. They will also silence those who speak radical truth to those in positions of power.

The majority of the PNB voted “Yes” in December in order to allow the 5 Local Station Boards (LSB’s) to have a say. And each LSB has resoundingly voted “No” on the proposed bylaw changes.

Here is what they REJECTED by voting “NO!”:

1. Elimination of democratically elected Local Station Boards. Under the proposed change, instead of station members electing a local board with multiple people, only one person at each station would be elected in a winner-take-all contest. Those 5 would go to the Pacifica National Board. 6 outside “at-large” directors – HAND-PICKED by those who seized WBAI – would out-number the 5 station reps and only at-large directors could hold the powerful positions of Chair or Treasurer. And that new proposed board could make further bylaw changes without any real notice and no local input.

2. Disenfranchisement of staff. Currently, our roughly 1,000 hosts, producers, and engineers – the overwhelming majority of whom work for free – will lose all board representation, and foundation governance will lose the expertise of the people who actually make the stations work.

3. Exclusion of poor members. The proposed Bylaws would instantly DOUBLE the dollar cost of membership to $50 per year and raise the volunteer work requirement by 5 times to 15 hours.

4. Making it twice as easy to sell WBAI or any Pacifica station. Under the proposed bylaws only 5% of the Pacifica membership – instead of the current 10% – would have to participate in an election on disposing of “assets” and so, only 2.5% of the membership plus 1, could sell a building, the Pacifica Radio Archives or a radio signal.


  • Listeners who contributed $25 or volunteered 3 hours btw. Jan. 3, 2019 & Jan. 2, 2020 (Couples / households that have contributed at least $50 can request 2 separate ballots).
  • Listeners who volunteered on Local Station Board committees during that period.
  • Paid Non-Management Staff on payroll by Jan. 2, 2020.
  • Unpaid Staff who worked at least 30 hours from Oct. 3, 2019 thru Jan. 2, 2020.


  • Feb. 18 – Mar. 19, 11:59pm ET (Remember that paper ballots will take time to get from and back to the counting house.)


  • Online, via link that National Election Supervisor will email on Feb. 18, 2020.
  • Online, using info under the scratch-off on the postcard that will be mailed on Feb. 18.
  • Paper ballot sent to you from Honest Ballot BY REQUEST ONLY.


  • If the station has a good email address for you, you will receive an email with your voting info on Feb. 18, from “vote@SimplyVoting.com” or “National Election Supervisor”.
  • Otherwise, you’ll get a postcard with your voting info to use online.
  • If you want a paper ballot, you MUST request one by phone or by filling out the online request form beginning Feb. 18. (The election supervisor says if you got a paper ballot in the election last year, you’ll get one this time).


  • Election of our Local Station Boards means we have a voice in the future of our station.
  • Our communities are diverse; local and national boards need more diversity, not less.
  • Community voices on the air and in governance, not distant “leaders” making decisions that could limit the information staff can present or lead to the easy sale of our stations.

PacificaFightback.org is not an official website of the Pacifica Foundation. Our views are not necessarily reflective of those of the PNB, LSBs, or stations’ management / staff.